The South African Practical Shooting Association (SAPSA) is the governing body of practical shooting in South Africa and was founded in 1976. We are affiliated the the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) which has approximately 100 member countries. There are active clubs situated all over South Africa and matches are held throughout the year. SAPSA is an accredited shooting organisation and also regularly selects National Teams to compete internationally, for which National Colours are awarded.

Practical shooting can be defined as a shooting sport where the three elements of Accuracy, Speed and Power are balanced. A match will require a competitor to complete various different stages by shooting against the clock while scoring as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time. Each individual stage typically requires between 7 and 32 rounds to complete and the competitor will be required to engage targets from 3-50 meters. Movement is usually required and the shooting challenge may include moving targets, steel plates, barricades, partial targets and disappearing targets. The courses of fire are always different and require a shooter to be prepared for any eventuality and to be able to think on their feet.

Practical Shooting is the greatest shooting sport in the world, bar none and has driven firearms innovation for many years. No, we are not biased at all!

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