April/May 2018 Updated Production List

Production list April/May 2018 update

Production List 2018 full list

A lot of new models have been added to the list. The majority are variants with optic mounts of models that were already on the list. If a firearm is delivered from the factory with a red dot optic already installed this will have to be removed to be able to use it in Production division.

After some initial debate, the Glock Gen 5 models have now been approved. While they are related to the 17M and 19M (law enforcement only) models, their datasheets do give different measurements. This caused some confusion.

The new LDC II model of the Sig Sauer 226 has been approved, contrary to an earlier statement the use of the grip plates with an integral mag well as featured on the Tacops model will not be allowed.

A proposal for an updated procedure for approval of additions to the Production List will be presented at the General Assembly later this year.

All new additions have been marked in red, so they can be easily found in the list.

Please note that all pistols with are not Double Action, but have a striker fired mechanism never the less must have a minimum trigger pull of 5 lbs for the first shot. If the individual handgun comes from the factory with a lower trigger pull it will not be approved for use in Production division.

Best regards,
Friedrich Gepperth
Production List Director