2018 SA Champs Prize Giving

Provincial Chairpersons to please advise their clubs / members that at the North West Handgun Championships 2018, the SHOTGUN S.A.CHAMPS, the RIFLE S.A. CHAMPS and the HANDGUN S.A. CHAMPS will be announced. Not all Shotgun and Rifle shooters attend Handgun Championships or attend the Handgun prize giving, so please arrange with fellow provincial members to … Read more

Namibia Handgun level 3 Cancelled

The Level III match for Namibia has been cancelled. We will host our normal 4th Nationals for the year on that weekend, but it will not be a Level III. Can you please inform all shooters and Ro’s that this is the case. All queries and questions can be directed to me. Sorry for the … Read more

IPSC General Assembly 2018

The 2018 General Assembly (GA) of IPSC will be held at Mytt Beach Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand on 16 September 2018.  Herewith the relevant documentation for this event:   IPSC GA 2017 – Minutes IPSC GA 2018 – Final Agenda IPSC GA 2018 – Action Air rule changes [HongKong] IPSC GA 2018 – Financial Statements 2017 … Read more

IPSC Competition Rules – June 2018 Interpretations

Dear All, Please find information from IPSC as follows and please circulate to clubs / members. Three rules interpretations were approved by the IPSC President and Executive Council at a meeting held in Chateauroux, France in conjunction with Shotgun World Shoot III. The interpretations cover extensions of both Family teams and the use of .357 … Read more

April/May 2018 Updated Production List

Production list April/May 2018 update Production List 2018 full list A lot of new models have been added to the list. The majority are variants with optic mounts of models that were already on the list. If a firearm is delivered from the factory with a red dot optic already installed this will have to … Read more

2018/2019 SAPSA Team

MANCO Chrissie Wessels – Chairperson (newly appointed!) Chrissie Wessels – Regional Director (newly appointed!) Leroy Barter – Vice-Chairperson Chris Vermeulen – Secretary Gerrit Dokter – Treasurer (newly appointed!) Kevin Rolls – Development Officer Madeleine Potgieter – Public Relations Officer (newly appointed!) Hein Kruger – SAIRO & I Chairman   Handgun Course of Fire vetting Committee Martin Erasmus (Chairman) – … Read more

Selection Matches for Rifle World Shoot 2019

RIFLE WORLD CHAMPS 2019 (tbd – level 5) Selection matches are the best 2 of 3 of the following SA National Champs: * 2017 October (Limpopo) – See the Results * 2018 February (Limpopo) – See the Results * 2018 October (Limpopo) IMPORTANT: Please take note of this Notice Regarding Selection Mandate