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Anti-Doping Guidelines

In 2004, IPSC issued an official anti-doping policy and amended the IPSC rules accordingly i.e. Match Disqualification related to Prohibited Substances. The SAIDS (South African Institute for Drug-free Sport) Anti-Doping Rules, like competition rules, are sports rules governing the conditions under which sport is played.

2017 Anti-doping Prohibited List

Participants accept these rules as a condition of participation in sport and shall be bound by them. Athletes with a documented medical condition requiring the use of a prohibited substance or prohibited method must first obtain a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) . The presence, use or attempted use, possession or administration of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers, consistent with the provisions of an applicable TUE issued pursuant to the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, shall not be considered an anti-doping rule violation.

A TUE must be granted by SAIDS as soon as possible and in any event (save emergency situations) no later than 21 days prior to participation in the event.

The required TUE form is available on the webpage, along with a summary of the SAIDS Anti-doping Policy and rules. Each provincial association has been given a copy of the Prohibited List for ease of reference so if you need to establish whether your medication is ‘prohibited’ or not, please contact your local representative.

In the case of our international competitors, you need to obtain or be in possession of a TUE issued by your national, WADA-recognised anti-doping agency.  You can do an online test here:

Please bring a copy of this TUE with you. If you need any further assistance relating to this, please do not hesitate to contact the SAPSA office. Alternately you can go to

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