Dear All,


There appears to be confusion surrounding a decision taken by the SAPSA Executive Council at the Annual Council Meeting, held on the 23rd February, 2019.


To clarify:

  • NO changes were made to the Selection policy regarding National squad selection for major international competitions
  • Two proposals regarding the order of allocation of slots for the Handgun World shoot 2020 in the event SAPSA does not receive sufficient slots, were tabled in terms of Clause 7.31.3 of the SAPSA Constitution and circulated to all Councillors on 8 January 2019.However, it would now appear that there was a glitch in the email transmission and that some Councillors did not receive all the proposals.
  • At the meeting, the first proposal, tabled by Mr C Vermeulen, was withdrawn.   Boland then presented their proposal, which was seconded by Mpumalanga.   There was no counter proposal.
  • On Monday, the proposal – with an explanation – was published.
  • Unfortunately, the wording in a reply to a query on the IPSC Shooters SA Facebook page, was misleading in that the proposal, and additional explanation, have NOTHING to do with the actual policy on the Selection of a National squad to be announced after the handgun match in Limpopo in March next year.


I trust this clarifies the situation.




Chrissie Wessels

(SAPSA Chairperson)