Letter Requests for March 2017


Please note that no Endorsement or DS letter requests will be processed as from 01st March, 2017 until 31st March, 2017, due to this month being the end of the SAPSA membership year.

The SAPS will no longer accept letters in the month of March whereby membership is expiring at the end March, 2017.

The new SAPSA membership fee will be decided upon at the Annual Council Meeting being held on Saturday, 25th February, 2017 and all Provincial Chairpersons attending this meeting will then advise their clubs / members of the new SAPSA fee.  SAPSA will also circulate a notification on the Monday, 27th February, 2017 regarding the SAPSA membership fee.

Should members then urgently require Endorsement or DS letters in March, they will need to contact their Club Chairman, pay all the relevant fees (club, provincial and SAPSA), which must then immediately be forwarded to SAPSA to update.

Only once the payment has been updated with SAPSA, can the member contact his Provincial Chairman for letter requests.

Please note that SAPSA will not process any letters until the above process has been followed.

Many thanks,