Notice regarding Selection Mandate for Rifle World Shoot 2019

Dear members,

There is currently a selection mandate in place for the 2019 Rifle World Shoot. These selection matches were chosen as 2017 second round, and both the Rifle matches of 2018.

Please take note that at present there are no World Shoot date or venue decided upon by IPSC as yet. This was discussed with the new IPSC President elect (Vitaly Kruychin) and RSA suggested that Russia again host this event, but he is currently not in a position to make that decision as he only takes over the IPSC Presidency on 01st January, 2018.

The SAPSA Council deems it necessary for members to be aware that there might not be a Rifle World Shoot at all, or may be postponed, in which case the current selection mandate in place may be changed at that time.

Please make sure all relevant parties are aware of this.