PCC at SA Handgun Champs (2019 Round 3) Update

Please note that the deadline to advise participation in the PCC event, planned to be held on the 14th October, 2019, the day after the Handgun Level III selection match, is close of business on Thursday, 04th July, 2019, so that a decision can be made by EP regarding this event.

Thank you to the following members who have advised that they will participate:

Herman Combrink (NG)

Rossouw Toerien (NW)

Quinton Wocke (EP)

Mark Gogos (EP) – depending on movement course to be held.

Jose Cardoso (NW)

Demis Karamitsos (NW)

Julian Lincow (EP)

Herman Potgieter (NG)

Frans Pieterse (CG)

Jak Signorile (EP)

Mo Osman (NW)

Dawid van Reenen (CG)

Brett Peachey (CG)

David Coetzee (CG)

Jason Coetzee (CG)

Theunis O’Kelly (NG)

Deon Potgieter (CG)

Lionel Mills (EP)

Peter Holmes (NW)

Gerrit-Jan Bakker (NG)

Esti Bender (NG)

Deon Storm (NG)

Emcee Van Wyngaard (NG)

Anita van der Merwe (NW)

Rudi Labuschagne (EP)

Lee-Roy Labuschagne (EP)

Mikhail Lu (NG) (to share)

Stephen Engelbrecht (NG) (to share)

Balthaser Buurman (NG) (to share)

Alex Gogos (EP)

Ashely Emmett (EP)

Johann Buys (EP)

Jonathan Griffiths (EP)

Joshua Fearn (EP)

Peter Muller (EP)

Wanda Zama (EP)

Tom Swemmer (NAM)

Terrick Naude (NG)

Enrico Galetti (NG)

Renier Reynders (NG)

Johan Wheeler (NG)

Clyde Millingham (KZN)

Peet van der Westhuizen (LIM)

If any members planning to participate are not listed as above, please email ipscsa@telkomsa.net and advise immediately.