SAPSA Legal Notice: Good News


SAPSA Legal Liason Officer

Michael Nel


Hi all,





I recently met with Mr Hennie Jacobs of SASSCo, and after a very successful meeting with him, he agreed that he would support our endeavours as the Sports Shooting Forum, and that we, SAPSA, could continue to represent them in all matters of Portfolio Committee and Parliament relating to the FCA.



One of our biggest problems when facing CFR refusals was the determination of the difference between, Semi – Automatic Rifles, and Self Loading Carbines.  Maj Gen Bothma insisted that there was a difference and that separate training manuals had to be written.  After much arguing back and forth, and the intervention of PFTC,  Maj Gen Bothma has since issued a directive confirming that they are one and the same and that separate training certificates need not be produced.


Thirdly:-  and this is the BIGGEE-

Since the FCA Amendment surfaced in December 2015, a number of firearm enthusiasts from all disciplines – dedicated sports shooters, dealers, hunters, trainers, collectors, the Security Industry, got together and formed the Sports Shooters Forum.  A Committee was formed with the sole objective of protecting the individual’s rights to gun ownership and to evolve into a lobbying body that would represent all firearm owners from all walks of life.  In other words, we wanted to speak as a Firearms Community with “ONE VOICE”, in order to overcome and avoid the infighting between the various disciplines that had in the past, threatened to derail us.

We were given a unanimous vote from 63 different clubs and association that we could proceed in this direction. This was achieved and we attended at Parliament during March of 2016, and again in June 2016.  During our time there we refuted every (false) allegation alluded to by GFSA.

In fact we succeeded in having the Amendment withdrawn from the table pending further investigation.

We have subsequently been advised that the Proposed Amendment of 2015 has been discarded in its entirety.

This is not to say that we must “rest on our laurels”.  There is a lot of work still to be done before we can sit back and relax.  We believe that there will be further attempts to impose the Governments will on firearm owner’s .

We need to stand together and do the rihght things at all times


We also need to say a big “THANK YOU” to all those people who have selflessly given their time and efforts to achieving this.  GOSA, PFTC, and the many other unknown and unsung  “hero’s”.