Statistical Order of Allocation of Slots

Please find the Statistical Order of Allocation of Slots from the SAPSA Secretary and the Chairman of the Selection Committee (Tinus Erasmus), in conjunction with some explanations:

  • The data is broadly-based on the Selection policy, using the results of the last three HG matches [as per the national HG logs] in conjunction with the Council decision of February 2019
  • The TWO deviations from the policy [purely for statistical purposes of this exercise] are:
  • If a member has only shot ONE of the 3 matches, that score is used as opposed to only ‘half’ the score in line with the policy of “Best 2 out of 3”
  • The proviso that category requirements must be met at all 3 matches, is not applied
  • The number of competitors per division / category is based on the number of members with at least ONE score
  • Category requirements are then based on that number of competitors, not the actual number of competitors per match
  • The number of ‘possible’ slots is ‘guesstimated’ based on data from 2017 plus the additional 192 slots that will be available with the ‘new’ format for a WS but excludes the effect of additional regions since 2017
  • The policy allows that up to 4 members can be selected per division / category but for the purposes of this exercise, if less than 3 [minimum for a team] meet the criteria requirements, only one slot is allocated to the TOP individual.

The main reason for the TWO exceptions is to include statistical data on the new divisions / categories.

This is NOT the final order of allocation of slots if insufficient slots are available – this is just a guideline based on historical data.   This order might change as the selection process progresses but for the sake of transparency, the guideline will be updated and circulated after each selection match.

20190603 – Statistical Order of Allocation of Slots