At the Executive Council Meeting held on the 01st June, 2019, a request had been made to include one squad of PCC competitors at Handgun Level III events.  A Council decision was made that in future PCC would be included at the Handgun Level III matches, subject to slots being available after Handgun entries closed.


The Kwazulu Natal 2nd Round S.A. Championships still has ‘capacity’,  but at this stage, it is too late to obtain IPSC-sanction for Level III status.   IROA was also contacted and the ‘word’ was that the Handgun Level III status would not be compromised if SAPSA opened up ONE squad for PCC at Level II status.


Please note the following:


  • PCC will be scored as a separate MATCH – not a separate DIVISION.
  • There will NOT be President’s medals as PCC will be a Level II.
  • There will be two sets of stage briefings – those posted on the range and those used by match officials – outlining the differences between HG and PCC e.g. start positions.
  • NO competitors will be able to shoot both disciplines at any of the Level III matches, due to time constraints.
  • The PCC match (Level II), will only be available for members not already entered in the KZN Handgun Level III event.
  • As a result of the Council decision, the squadding will change and  Squad 22 will now be made available for the PCC competitors.  This will be done to-day and circulated for all handgun competitors to re-check their squadding.
  • The entries for the PCC Level II event will close on Thursday, 06th June, as at 17:00.  If proof of payment (R1800.00), is not received by SAPSA,  at close of business on FRIDAY, 07th June, 2019, and the entrants are not paid up SAPSA members, then that member will not be entered for the PCC match.